10 Signs that Indicate when to get a Residential Makeover

10 Signs that Indicate when to get a Residential Makeover

A home is a place where the majority of our time is spent. It is meant to be a safe haven that we can unwind and feel comfortable in. It should be a space that inspires happiness in us and is reflective of our personal styles and tastes. Unfortunately, our homes won’t stay shiny and in tip-top shape forever. And that’s OK because every homeowner should consider remodeling every 10 years anyway.

If you’re unsure or undecided on whether your home needs some sprucing up, we have a list of 10 signs that indicate when it’s time to get a residential makeover:

1. Space is no longer functional

When you first move into your home, the setup would have been arranged in a way that suited your wants and needs at that point in time. But as the years go by, you change as a person and so will your wants and needs. If your home is no longer functional in a way that addresses your current lifestyle, it might be time for a makeover, both layout and cosmetic.

2. Paints are peeling

Peeling paint or a worn paint job is never a good look. Your home should be a place that you can be proud of and that your visitors enjoy being in. Painting or decorating your walls in aesthetically pleasing colors schemes, vibrant wallpaper, or an eye-catching mural is an easy way to upgrade and modernise your home at an affordable cost.

3. There is clutter everywhere

Living in a cluttered house can be frustrating and tiresome. You don’t want to spend your life scaling mountains of unnecessary mess or sifting through hoards of junk to get from one area of your home to another. Your house should not be an obstacle course. If it is, take a long, hard look at why that is. If even after a good cleaning spree you’re still surrounded by clutter, it could be because you don’t have enough storage space. Installing cabinets, shelves, or nifty storage compartments around the house will help to organize your space.

4. Structural & other damages

Structural damage around your home is one of the more obvious signs that you require a serious residential makeover. Leaking ceilings, shoddy plumbing, moldy walls, rotting wood, and electrical problems are just a few of the damages that could cause serious issues in the long run if not taken care of with a good remodel. Invest in a makeover now so that you avoid higher repair costs and injuries in the future.

5. Broken appliances & worn-out furniture

Does your sag every time you sit on it? Do your visitors avoid sitting on your ratty dining chairs? Does your laundry come out dirtier than when it went in every time you use your washing machine? Is your favorite wooden coffee table chipped and filled with stains?

If your home is littered with broken appliances and worn-out furniture, there is no clearer sign for change. You deserve modern appliances and comfortable furniture that actually work as they are meant to. Not to mention that the health and safety of the house’s inhabitants are on the line.


6. Your home is too dark

Studies have proven that allowing for natural light in the home improves health, moods, and wellbeing. If your home is too dark, the best thing you can do is let in as much natural light as possible. This can be done by installing larger windows in key areas, breaking down walls, redesigning your layout, or by simply installing new lighting fixtures that mimic natural light.

7. Flooring is old & worn

Even with the best cleaning routines and preventative measures, floors will get old and worn out at some point. Depending on the damage, your original floors can be retouched or restored. But if the stains and eroded patches are too severe, you will need to seek our floor replacement options.

8. Indoor temperature is not comfortable

Your home should be cosy and warm in the colder months and cool in the hotter ones. If not, there is a good chance that there is a problem with ventilation. Opening and closing windows is not an ideal solution, unfortunately. We suggest installing a reliable HVAC system, to make sure your filters are clean and to have an expert check the house ventilation.

9. The house is old

If your home is old, it is likely that there have never been any renovations done to it. There could be faulty plumbing or you could be wasting money on exorbitant utility bills due to inefficient energy supplies. It is best to take the preventative measure of remodeling your home if it is old before the need arises at a later stage. Besides looking attractive, modernising your house also comes with the added benefits of installing more sustainable, energy-efficient and water-saving designs.

10. You want a change but don’t want to move

Does the interior design or layout of your home no longer spark joy or motivation in you? Are you desperately seeking a change in your residence but have no desire to relocate to a more appealing house? If so, then a home makeover is the perfect solution. Get the rush and excitement that comes with moving into a new space and setting it up exactly the way you want it without actually leaving your current residence. A revamp will give your house the facelift it needs and inspire happiness in you once again.

If any of these 10 signs has motivated you to embark on a residential makeover, Contractors.Direct provides a curated database of thoroughly vetted quality contractors who can deliver your fit out project on time and on budget. Get in touch here.