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5 Ideas for Designing A Small Retail Space

Kirsten Delcie October 7, 2020

There might be a rise in retail stores moving online, but that doesn’t mean that physical stores have now become redundant. A physical retail store captures the undivided attention of customers and instills a sense of legitimacy and trust between consumer and seller that can’t be found online. You might not need as much space though - all you really need is a great retail fit out. Small retail spaces are just as effective as larger stores. In fact, in a lot of ways, it’s better to have a smaller space.

A small retail space has a lot of potential. It might not seem like it at first, but after reading about these 5 simple design ideas, you’ll come to realize that it’s not about how much space you but how you use it:

1. Create the Illusion of Space

Why move into a large retail store when you can create the illusion of space? Strategic use of colour and mirrors has the deceptive ability to make tight spaces look a lot bigger than they are. All you need to do is paint your walls in whites, pastels or neutral tones and install a few well-placed floor-length mirrors to reflect more natural light around the room and thus expand the visual space within your store.

Minimalist design is another good way to provide the illusion of space in a small retail store. By avoiding a cluttered look and taking a less-is-more approach to showcasing your products, your floorspace will naturally open up and the room will look bigger. Not to mention, minimalist design makes for an effortless and elegant look that is sure to catch the eye of a passer-by.

2. Use Vertical Displays

One of the biggest challenges facing retailers with small stores is having inadequate shelving and product display solutions to showcase all stock on hand. Use the available vertical space to display merchandise at various levels by installing floor-to-ceiling shelving or custom-made cabinets. This maximizes space and is visually appealing to customers. You can also mount drapes and other items from the ceiling to the floor to draw customers’ eyes up and thus creating the sense of a larger space.

3. Brighten Up the Space with Natural Light

Make your space feel even larger by inviting more natural light into your store. This is best done by installing large windows and glass storefronts. Windows and glass can open up a small space and give it a bright, airy feel. Another trick is to install mirrors near a light source so that natural light will bounce off them and illuminate your space. Not only will your retail space seem bigger but it’s a more eco-friendly option and will save you money on power bills. If harnessing sunlight is a challenge, flat-panel LED lights can be used to replicate natural light.

4. Paint an Accent Wall

Accent walls are a great way to give the illusion of more space while simultaneously adding an aesthetically pleasing feature to your retail store. Identify the wall your customers first look at when they enter your shop and paint it in a bold colour or add an eye-catching design or pattern to spice up your interior and catch the attention of those walking by. The dark and bolder accent wall will stand out against the lighter colour palette of the rest of the interior and create a receding effect that will give the impression of more space.

5. Divide the Space with Open Bookcases

Use tall, open bookcases to section off areas of your small store to effectively divide the space and direct the flow of customers. Partition walls will make your store look cramped whereas open bookcases create an airy, open feel without shrinking your retail space. They’re also easy to move around which means you can regularly change your layout. And the best part? They provide extra shelving space to display merchandise.

If you want to make the best of your small retail space by implementing any of these 5 simple design ideas, Contractors.Direct can connect you with quality contractors that can bring your vision to life. Get in touch here.

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