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Considerations for Office Fit Out Solutions in Dubai

Kirsten Delcie October 6, 2020

The interest in office fit out solutions in Dubai is growing, with office redesign consultants becoming increasingly sought after by business owners in the UAE, who recognise the benefits of delegating the complicated and time-consuming office fit out process to skilled solution providers in Dubai.

Without enlisting a service like this, business owners can find themselves distracted from the day-to-day running of their companies and feel overburdened by the responsibility of keeping a constant eye on the renovations. By hiring an office fit out solution provider, companies in Dubai are enjoying smoother office makeovers with the projects being completed on time and on budget.

Here are some factors to consider when selecting an office fit out solution in Dubai:

  1. Expertise: Determine whether the office fit out solution you are considering in Dubai has the capability to meet your project requirements. You can research the company to check their consultants’ qualifications and ask to see its portfolio. It is highly recommended to conduct site inspections of similar projects to assess whether they have effectively handled projects with scope like yours.

  2. Company size: Just like you wouldn’t want an inexperienced company taking on your project, you also want to avoid making the opposite mistake. If your preferred office fit out solution in Dubai is a large company with lots of clients, your project may be relatively insignificant to it. Consider switching over to a smaller company that will value your business and give you the customer service you deserve.

  3. Financial stability: Cash flow is an important concern in construction and interior design, particularly when it comes to delivering projects on design. If you suspect an office fit out solution in Dubai will pester you for payments before schedule or may be forced to close in the near future due to insolvency, look for another company. You want to hire a firm that you can hold accountable in the future.

  4. Insurance: Any upstanding office fit out solution in Dubai would have the necessary insurance coverage required to run a construction and interiors related business. Ask to be sure.

  5. Health and sustainability standards: Ask the consultants at the company if their office fit out solution practices complies with Dubai’s health and sustainability regulations. Hiring substandard contractors can endanger the wellbeing of your employees, attract bad press and result in hefty fines if your business is found to be in violation of the local laws.

  6. A ‘can do’ attitude: Providing office fit out solutions in Dubai requires a commitment to excellence, especially given the high standards of architecture and design in the city. In your initial meetings with the company, gauge whether its consultants are willing to work through the challenges that will inevitably come up during the renovations and will work hard to deliver solid results that meet, or even surpass, your expectations.

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