How Commercial Fit-Out Can Impact Employee Well-being and Motivation

How Commercial Fit-Out Can Impact Employee Well-being and Motivation

Since everything is moving at a million miles a minute in business nowadays, we are all looking for ways to work smarter.  And, while things like software and systems might come to mind first, have you thought about your actual office space?

Our environments have a huge impact on how we feel, think and work. Since employees spend a lot of time in the office, it’s in our best interest to make sure the workspace is optimised for productivity but also facilitates overall well-being.

That's where commercial office fit-out contractors can help! When executed correctly, a complete office fit out, or a retro fit to your existing space can create somewhere you and your team can truly thrive. Think ergonomic desks for comfort, lighting that enhances focus, soundproofing for privacy and comfortable areas to socialise. Little tweaks that add up to big wins.

Understanding that your office is more than just a place you go to work, is key. They shape employee’s moods, energy and creativity day in, day out. Ensuring your environment brings out the team's best is one of the smartest investments you can make as a business owner.

Don't just settle for an office that 'gets the job done.' You and your teams deserve an incredible space you look forward to being in!

Let’s decode how commercial office fit-outs in the UAE can enhance the mood, productivity, motivation and overall well-being of employees.


The Power of Office Design: More Than Just Aesthetics

While many people focus on cosmetic changes like paint colours and furniture. Office design starts well before those elements. Understanding how your physical space impacts you psychologically and understanding how to optimize every inch to create the ideal working environment for everyone is a good starting point.

Optimising Layout for Enhanced Workflow

Let's start with space planning. How you arrange workstations, collaborative areas and private nooks can make a huge difference depending on what the team member is trying to achieve.

An open floor plan might facilitate teamwork while cubicles offer more privacy. Do you need both? When you strategically place whiteboards, they encourage spur-of-the-moment brainstorming. Standing desks offer a refreshing change of position and are almost essential now we know about the damage long periods of sitting do.

Infusing the Magic of Nature with Biophilic Design

Biophilic design. This nature-inspired approach adds living elements like plants, natural materials and lighting that mimics being outdoors.

Employees surrounded by greenery experience lower stress, greater engagement and increased productivity (supported by many studies). It also just feels great to be connected to the natural environment, even while indoors. This is perhaps even more important in an environment like the UAE because of the harsh weather conditions which prevent us actually going outdoors for any length of time for months of the year.

Inspiring Commercial Fit Out UAE

Optimising Lighting for Focus and Energy

Let's shine a light! This may be one of the most underestimated elements in a commercial fit out, but it has powerful effects on mood, alertness and performance. Aim to maximize natural light through windows and skylights. Add flexible lighting options that can be adjusted for different needs. The right illumination can work to keep energy and concentration levels high.

Choosing Colours for Balance and Motivation

Colour choice goes beyond aesthetics too. Different hues trigger emotional responses and subtly shift how we feel in a space.

For instance, cool tones like blue and green promote calm and focus, while warm shades like yellow and red dial-up energy and creativity. You simply need to strike the right balance for an uplifting, motivating environment. And don’t forget that different teams with different goals might benefit from different colours. 

Going with Flexible Spaces

Flexibility allows you to shape your office to suit changing needs. Moveable walls, for example, create adaptable rooms. Modular and movable furniture allows you to reconfigure your office layout with ease. This allows you to transform your space to suit different needs as they arise. Hot-desking spaces enable activity-based working. 

The more agility your office layout has, the more effectively you can support different modes of collaboration, socialising and heads-down work. There are companies out there that have desks on wheels so that as you feel your energy in one project waning, you can literally just shift yourself into another one! 

Final Touches to Personalise Your Space

Pulling all these elements together, you can create a workspace that feels uniquely you and your brand.

Add custom murals or your company logo for branding. Or, incorporate meaningful artwork or objects from home for personality. The target is - curate spaces that resonate on a deeper level, so you feel excited and inspired every time you walk through the door.

Wrapping up

It's so important to work with pre approved commercial fit-out contractors who have experience of building inspiring office environments. They help create offices that are vibrant, unique, and engaging - not just spaces you work in, but spaces you and your employees love being in.

Finding trusted fit-out contractors can be a major headache, but we've done the hard work of vetting contractors for you. We put every contractor through intense background checks, document reviews, past client references, and site inspections. Only the best of the best make it onto our portal.

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