How Much Does A Residential Fitout Cost?

How Much Does A Residential Fitout Cost?

Whether you are moving into a new house or redecorating an existing home, one of the first questions you’re likely to ask yourself is “how much will it costs to fitout my home?”.  Unfortunately, there is no one answer to this question as each residence is different from the next and therefore requires a different fitout design and approach.

We might not be able to give you a definitive answer, but we can show you some of the factors that will influence your overall fitout cost:

Condition of the Residence

The condition of the residence will have a huge influence on the end cost of your fitout. Some homes might only require a purely cosmetic makeover while others will require a bit more work, like structural changes and installation of internal finishes. If you’re starting from a shell and core space that is little more than four concrete walls, it will require a large investment. However, if your home only requires interior design or refurbishment of an existing space, then your fitout cost will be considerably less.

Other factors that could affect the fitout cost are whether your home is on a steep slope, drainage problems, and accessibility to resources like electricity and water supply. The more difficult it is to carry out the fitout process on your residence, the more money you will be spending to make it happen.

Size of the Residence

Simply put, the bigger the house, the more it will cost. The fitout cost is usually calculated on a per square foot basis. Therefore, the more square feet you have in your home, the more money you’ll be spending to get it ready for occupation.

Keep in mind that some rooms will be more expensive to work on than others. Kitchens and bathrooms are usually where most of the budget is allocated. If you are planning a more luxurious design in these rooms, then it will increase the overall cost dramatically – no matter the size of your home.

Location of the Residence

Is your residence located in an urban or rural setting? Is it along the coast or in a leafy suburb? These questions might not seem important but the answers will impact the overall cost of your fitout. If you are renovating a home in a high-value area, you will want to construct a high-value property to match your surroundings. Naturally, this will be more expensive to do when compared to fitting out a low-value property in an average or low-value area.


Residences that have a simple layout with a simple geometry will be more economical than a complex design, regardless of how many square feet it has. The more complicated your floor plan, the more time and effort that has to go into the fitout process – which will ultimately lead to an increase in cost.

Whether your fitout is purely cosmetic or a full turnkey project, interior design will play a sizeable role in your residential fitout costs. The materials, fixtures and finishes your select for your home will also affect the fitout cost. For example, a granite countertop may cost thousands of dollars more than a laminate one.

If you plan to install things like custom fixtures, luxury finishes and bespoke furniture, then you need to factor this into your budget beforehand.

Project Schedule

The quicker you need your project completed, the more money it is going to cost. If you need a fast turnaround with your residential space fit for occupation yesterday, then you need to be prepared to spend the extra money that’s required to make it happen. These extra charges could include paying larger teams to work extra hours or choosing airfreight instead of the cheaper sea freight. Having a longer timeframe will not only reduce your cost but will allow you to discuss and manage changes with your project manager.

Choice of Contractor

Naturally, finding a capable and reliable contractor who can deliver your project on time and on budget is the most vital step when planning your residential fitout. But did you know that a good residential fitout specialist can save you time and money? Using a contractor who can provide an all-in-one solution rather than using separate suppliers reduces costs and has the added benefit of getting the job done faster.

But how do you find the right residential fitout specialist for you?

Contractors.Direct can connect you with quality contractors who have been thoroughly vetted to ensure that they can bring your fitout vision to life. When using our services, you will be provided with a Project Manager who will guarantee that your project is delivered on time and on budget – with not one extra penny spent.

If you'd like to find out how much your project could cost, take a look at our fitout calculator or get in touch with us here.