How To Design Accessible Office Fit-Outs for People of Determination

How To Design Accessible Office Fit-Outs for People of Determination

In today's rapidly evolving world, diversity and inclusivity are a core focus, as they should be; they are the most important pillars of a progressive society. And, one place where this inclusivity is paramount is the workplace. 

Designing accessible office interior fit-outs for people of determination is a moral and social obligation. It's about creating a workspace where every employee can thrive, regardless of their physical or cognitive capabilities.

In this post, we will explore the practical strategies for designing an office space that is not only compliant with accessibility regulations but also genuinely welcoming to all.

Where to start?

Designing a barrier-free Environment

Designing an office fit-out that accommodates the diverse needs of all employees, begins with the elimination of physical barriers. This foundational step involves wider doorways and hallways. Moreover, you also need to think about the strategic placement of ramps, elevators and accessible restrooms on all floors. Open office designs can play a pivotal role in breaking down physical barriers and creating a more open and inclusive atmosphere. These thoughtful adjustments collectively transform the workspace into an inviting, barrier-free environment where all employees can work with peace of mind.

Lighting and Acoustics 

An office where the lighting is perfectly balanced makes it pretty easy for everyone, including those with visual impairments to navigate smoothly. Well-thought-out lighting design includes adequate ambient lighting, task lighting and ideally even natural light sources. A workspace where sound is well-managed is also essential, especially in an open plan environment. Employees with hearing impairments will appreciate reduced background noise and echo as well, enhancing the overall experience of the office space for them.

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Braille and Signage

Incorporating clear user-friendly Braille signage into your office will provide much needed guidance to those who need it. You will be able to create a workplace where every employee, regardless of their visual abilities, can confidently navigate their surroundings, access facilities and communicate effectively. Braille signage empowers people of determination with the independence to find their way, locate essential facilities like restrooms or emergency exits, and participate fully in the workplace. In a bustling office, where time is precious, easy-to-understand signs streamline communication, reduce confusion and enhance overall efficiency. 

Colour and Contrast

You need to understand the power of colour and contrast in making your office spaces more accessible. When you choose high-contrast colour schemes, you are essentially providing a visual roadmap within the office. Take door frames, for instance. When you paint them in colours that sharply contrast with the walls, you can make it easier for everyone to locate doors effortlessly. The magic of contrast doesn't stop there. When we opt for contrasting colours between the text and the background of signages you can enhance readability. It ensures that the information on signs, whether it's directions, instructions or announcements, can be easily seen and understood by everyone.


Top office interior fit out companies in Dubai can help you design a workspace where every chair, every desk and every accessory is meticulously designed to support the unique needs and comfort of each employee. Choosing the right types of ergonomic furniture and accessories plays a pivotal role in achieving this. Height-adjustable desks, for example, allow individuals to customize their workstations to their ideal height. This accommodates various body types and preferences. Chairs with lumbar support provide back support, ensuring that long hours at the desk don't lead to aches and pains. Incorporating ergonomics into your office fit-out isn't just a nod to modern design trends; it's a tangible expression of your commitment to creating a workspace where everyone can work comfortably.

Bottom Line

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