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How to Source Office Fit Out Companies in Dubai

Kirsten Delcie September 20, 2020

So, you’ve rented a brand-new office space in Dubai and are wondering what’s next? In order for the premises to serve as an efficient workplace for your company, it has to be remodelled to align with the nature of work carried out by your employees. After all, the workplace environment will have a significant impact on their productivity and satisfaction, which, in turn, will have a bearing on your business’s success.

Labour Intensive Task

Fitting out your company's office in Dubai is often a labour-intensive process, even for your staff. Typically, it involves the hassle of searching for quality contractors and coordinating with multiple firms, until the work is finalised to your satisfaction.

Fortunately, the trend of hiring office fit out companies is emerging in Dubai as an alternative to delegating the above tasks to an administrative manager or employee. In Dubai, office fit out companies have grown popular for providing a one-stop-shop solution for all your office’s design needs. From providing a vetted shortlist of contractors, ensuring that quality standards are upheld during your fit-out, to monitoring the work as it happens, office fit out companies in Dubai take the burden of the design overhaul off your staff’s shoulders to deliver professional results.

However, it is important to remember that not all office fit out companies in Dubai were created equal. Hiring the wrong firm can be a costly and time-consuming mistake. Therefore, you should make your choice after considering the following major factors:

  1. Company history: An office makeover is a costly investment in your business’s future, so you can’t entrust its responsibility to just any company. After shortlisting some office fit out companies in Dubai, research the financial health of the firms as well as their portfolios.

    If the industry grapevine indicates that a company has suffered cash flow problems, it suggests disorganised operations, that are likely to jeopardise the completion of your workspace on schedule.

    Similarly, past projects should showcase fit outs of other Dubai offices like yours. It could also be worth your while to visit a firm’s previous projects to check the durability of their work.

  2. The services provided by the design team: Depending on your personal preferences and the level of input you would like to have as the client, check to see if the design team is receptive to your expectations. For instance, if you would like to see some conceptual sketches before work begins, would they be able to provide them?

    Additionally, does the design team possess the required level of expertise to execute your desired vision for your workplace? For instance, ask to see whether fabrics, furniture and other key essentials will be professionally sourced.

  3. Their health and safety controls: In Dubai, office fit out companies are expected to comply with the health and safety standards upheld in the local market. This should be a key concern for you as it helps ensure that your workplace is refurbished with the correct fittings and granted its safety certificates without a hitch.

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