Office Fit Out Hazards that Only Qualified Contractors Can Tackle

Office Fit Out Hazards that Only Qualified Contractors Can Tackle

Giving your office space a makeover, or moving into a new bigger office can feel exciting. However, office fit-out projects come with their fair share of potential pitfalls. Without the right guidance, your dreams of a refreshed workplace can quickly turn into a frustrating headache.

Luckily, partnering with qualified office fit-out contractors from the start helps you avoid common mistakes.

Read on as we explore some of the top hazards and how to avoid them.

Underestimating Costs

Most businesses have a ballpark budget in mind for their office revamp. However, if you’re new to fit-outs, you may underestimate the true cost. From demolition to furnishings and final touches, things add up fast. Qualified contractors have years of experience accurately scoping and estimating projects to help prevent unrealistic budget expectations.

Poor Communication

When working with various vendors and subcontractors, communication breakdowns can quickly derail your vision. Seasoned office fit-out contractors effectively coordinate all project players – from designers and consultants to furniture suppliers and IT providers. With a single point of contact, you’ll stay on the same page every step of the way.

Disruption to Business

You likely want to refresh your space without halting daily operations. However, office revamps often involve noise, messes, and closures that disrupt work. Contractors plan meticulously and part of this plan is where you are going to continue running your business from whilst the changes are made to the office.

Scheduling Setbacks

Delayed shipments, back-ordered finishes, permit issues – obstacles arise on practically every job. Dubai’s fit-out Contractors are masters of contingency planning. They build padding into schedules and leverage connections to ensure a smooth workflow to keep everything on flow and on time.

The Wrong Team

You need a cohesive team with expertise in architecture, engineering, project management and more. Assembling the wrong team leads to disorganization and subpar results. Savvy contractors ensure they have talented tradespeople on hand to surround your project with skill and synchronization.

Underestimating Building Limitations

It’s tempting to assume two spaces have similar construction, electrics and layouts. However commercial fit-out contractors know that no two offices are identical behind the drywall. One may lack the capacity for additional wiring or AC. Another may have confusing pipework in place. Failure to survey infrastructure means nasty expensive surprises mid-project. The right contractor thoroughly investigates everything at the outset to ensure no nasty hidden surprises and expectations are correctly set.

Using a Faulty Contract

Vague contracts put you on the hook for budget overruns when additional expenses pile up. Professional qualified, vetted contractors use agreements that clearly detail all deliverables. With no fuzzy “estimates” or confusing sums, you’ll know the precise cost of your project from the beginning. 

If you want to get an accurate fit-out cost estimate, simply try out this Fit-out cost calculator.

Team up with the Most Qualified Office Fit-out Contractors

Project Management Pitfalls To Avoid Renovating

When looking for an office fit-out contractor in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or other parts of the UAE, you'll want to find someone with expertise specific to your type of project. Make sure they have experience handling all aspects - from initial planning to design, to technology set-up to purchasing furniture.

Ask if they have successfully completed similar-sized office fit-out jobs in the past. Request examples of their work.

The team you meet with must be the team that manages your project from start to finish. 

Every contracting job comes with some bumps in the road. Experienced contractors are transparent about issues and quick to resolve them. They communicate frequently and are flexible when the plan needs to change. You want to feel confident they will be reliable, even when times get tough.

Bottom Line

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