Rather Use Your Fit Out Budget for Company Growth? - Financing for Your Dream Office Fit-Out in Dubai

Rather Use Your Fit Out Budget for Company Growth? - Financing for Your Dream Office Fit-Out in Dubai

As a business owner or manager, you know the importance of a well-designed office. See, it's not just a space you or your employees work - it's the heart of your business operations. This workplace is where your team collaborates, innovates and delivers their best. 

Giving your office a fresh, functional makeover will need a budget, no doubt about it. And, those big upfront expenses can put a strain on your finances.

Sometimes the amazing office fit out ideas have to wait due to the excessive financial burden it would place on the business.  But they don’t have to. How about an easy financing option just for your office fit out.

Fit-out Finance

The advantages of our unique fit out finance product through our partner Beehive. First - you can spread out the cost of your commercial fit-out over up to two years. Second - you can repay monthly instalments. Third - there are no early payment fees and lastly, there’s peace of mind that the chunk of money allocated for fit out can now be used as OPEX instead to continue to grow your business. 

By breaking down the payment into manageable chunks, you can still give your office the makeover it deserves without breaking the bank. You get to create a workspace to boost productivity, attract top talent and impress clients. Plus, you keep your cash flow in a healthy state. Win-Win.

Additionally, let's not forget the top 3 long-term benefits of a well-executed office fit-out in Dubai. You can count on 1. Improved efficiency and functionality 2. Enhanced aesthetics  and 3. Employee well-being. 

Your office fit-out is an investment for future success and with easy financing, it's now within your reach.

The Collaboration between Contractors Direct and Beehive

A brilliant solution that allows you to fit out your workspace the way you really want to without compromising the continued growth of your company.

Thanks to an innovative partnership between Contractors Direct and Beehive, more and more UAE-based companies can now invest in their growth and expansion without depleting their cash reserves.

Fitout Contractors in Dubai

Here's How it Works

Because of this exclusive collaboration, you can now finance up to 1 million AED for your commercial fit-out project. And the rates start as low as 8.25%. But that's not all - you get to pay it back over 12 to 24 months. So, you have the flexibility to manage your cash flow without issues. Plus, there are no pesky early repayment fees to worry about, either. So if you find yourself in the position to pay it off. You can go ahead and do that! .

Who are the masterminds behind this game-changing partnership? A company called Beehive, an e& enterprise company based in Dubai. And, Beehive is the region's first peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform regulated by the DFSA. As a leading Fintech pioneer, they've revolutionised the way businesses access financing. They use cutting-edge technology to directly connect companies with investors who can fuel their growth. And since their inception, businesses have borrowed a staggering 2 billion AED through their platform.

Contractors Direct is the pioneer in helping businesses find qualified fit-out contractors in Dubai, UAE. Beehive was a natural fit, and together, these like-minded companies have crafted a unique product that offers a practical financing option for businesses to leverage for their fit-out endeavour. 

Final Words

Terms and conditions apply of course, but find out more. Let’s discuss and see if you are a fit for the product.

Visit the amazing Contractors Direct platform, give them your project details, they will give you a quick call and from there  connect you with up to 5 fully vetted and highly qualified fit-out contractors in Dubai for your project. If you work with one of their trusted contractors, you can take advantage of the exclusive partnership with Beehive.

and here you can access the fit-out cost calculator tool to get the whole estimate of the cost.

If you want to discover more details, visit our official website. Check out our fit-out cost calculator tool to get an accurate estimate on the cost of your project. Or, dial our number to talk to one of our experts!