The Future of Office Interior Design: 5 Trends that Are Defining Office Interior Design

The Future of Office Interior Design: 5 Trends that Are Defining Office Interior Design

When building your next office in Dubai, it is important to understand the interior design trends that are defining the design scene. With this blog, you will understand the hot topics in the blueprints of the world’s best interior designers, that are defining the future of productive office spaces.


The words virtual reality (VR) seem to be cropping up in every industry, from gaming to medical to industrial. The interior design space is one that is adopting this practice most radically. And this technological adoption is drawing benefits to business owners and respective designers alike. Often it is difficult for a company owner to visualize an office space based on its drawings. VR will allow a designer to virtually walk their client through their office. They can change fixtures, fitting, and even colouring with the touch of a button. It allows them to grab a physical rendition of the space, in a virtual world. The benefits here allow a customer to get exactly what they want and for a designer to get a digitally approved design in an instance.


Data analysis, data mining, big data, are all words that seem to be on the lips of everyone at the moment. The world seems to be investing heavily in data, in many forms, throughout every imaginable industry. Workspace analysis is the big data/data analysis of the interior design world and is being adopted by some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world.

Moving a design from assumption to scientifically proven is the end game here. Design teams are now providing analytical assessments of interior spaces and how they are being used, to define how the next ones should be designed. The beauty here is that it is driven by fact. You measure exactly how your space is being used and by whom, and you design to enhance this experience. The result is a scientifically based design, proven to increase productivity, and save money.


When you focus on productivity, you generally focus on your team. team are both your most valuable and your most risky assets and how you treat them, even in the design space, matters. Designers are now taking a huge focus on design that inspires. An inspired workforce is happier and happy employees are more productive.

Be careful here though, as assumptive spaces could bare a more negative inflexion than an inspiring one. Be mindful that what inspires you could be completely different to what motivates your team. It is vital that your team give their input into the design. Challenge your team to be creative and to design a place that they are truly proud of.


If you challenge any furniture designer with the question “Why is your furniture is so expensive?” they will answer, “How can you afford it so cheap?”. Of course, the cost of furniture can vary wildly, but it is vital that the furniture your team utilise throughout the day support their infrastructure at the very least. The furniture in your office should be designed around humans, or ergonomically. Just the fact that the single biggest cause of office absences is backache, should make you sit up straight. In fact, over 150 bn $ per year is spent in the USA on the treatment of back problems, most of which come from the plight of the humble desk worker. Ensure that you invest in furniture that is proven to support your team, in the places they need it.


Collaborative, is another word that is thrown around from pillar to post, in many mediums. But what does it mean? In the office interior world, collaborative space is one that allows your team to interact and work together in the most efficient way. This can be done by breaking down the walls and allowing the teams that work together to sit together in harmony, right through to technology that allows seamless collaboration across geographies. In Dubai, the shared office space has even allowed teams from different companies to work together to harness the benefits of each other’s knowledge.

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