10 Questions You Should Ask Your Fit Out Contractors Dubai | Contractors Direct

10 Questions You Should Ask Your Fit Out Contractors Dubai | Contractors Direct

An office fit out contractor provides all the services you need to design an interior space from shell and core straight through to furnishings to make it ready for occupation.

If you're about to embark on a new office fit out project, here are ten questions you should be asking to make sure you’ve found the right fit out contractor in Dubai for your office space design.

  1. What services do you provide?

    Fit out services can include anything and everything from drywalling and installing light fixtures, to electrical and plumbing connectivity, to assisting with choosing the decorative elements of your brand-new space. It’s important to be sure that you’ve found comprehensive expertise you need to make your complete office space functional.

  2. Do you have prior experience?

    Each design space is unique with varying requirements, whether it’s a home or commercial space, so you want to make sure that your fit out contractor in Dubai has a specific background in office space design. This way they can equip it with the right functionalities for diverse occupants such as convenient thoroughfares and reliable soundproofing.

  3. What’s the project timeline?

    Fitting out an office is a huge job with many elements, so you want to make sure your contractor shares a completion plan for each part of the project. This way you can keep track and trust that your office space is coming together as a whole, step-by-step, and on time.

  4. Who’s my point of contact?

    Once your office space fit out gets started you’re probably going to have questions, and suggestions along the way, as you visualise your office space coming together. It’s a good idea to identify a central contact point who can consult with builders and workers on your behalf, and ensure your requests are met in an organised manner without any confusion.

  5. Who supervises work?

    There are many tasks when putting together a new office space to run a business, and that means you won’t be able to regularly oversee fit out work. That’s why your fit out contractor in Dubai should appoint a designated site supervisor or project manager who has complete oversight of daily work.

  6. What’s your payment plan?

    Once you’ve agreed upon a price for the whole job it’s important to know your contractor’s payment structure. A payment plan will usually include an advance deposit, so contractors can supply needed materials, and a final payment upon completion of work.

  7. Do you handle clean up?

    Fit out work can leave behind a lot of waste and debris, from product packaging to wood filaments from construction work. Check to make sure that regular clean up is part of the services provided, and that when your fit out contractors in Dubai are done, your new office is occupant-ready. You don’t want an unexpected mess on your hands, opening day.

  8. Are you licenced and insured?

    Make sure your fit out contractor in Dubai meets legal and compliance requirements to undertake projects. These are indicators that the contracting company you’ve selected is operating above board and following health and safety regulations.

  9. Do you provide a warranty?

    If a fixture or structure unexpectedly breaks down or undergoes premature wear and tear, you want to know if you can rely on your fit out contractor in Dubai to fix the problem. Your contracting company might have a time limit within which they provide repair services, and it’s a good idea to get this in writing.

  10. Can we sign a contract?

    The payment plan should be part of a water-tight contract including dispute resolution to avoid unexpected costs. This agreement should also specify the work to be completed, timelines, and deadlines.

It’s a good idea to consider a contracting agency to find the right fit out contractor in Dubai for the design of your office space. They can put you in touch with a shortlist of recommended contractors, who can help you bring your office space ideas to life from concept to completion.

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