A Simple Office Fit Out Questionnaire Before You Start Your Project

A Simple Office Fit Out Questionnaire Before You Start Your Project

At some point, every business is faced with having to undertake an office fit out. Whether the reason is to increase productivity and motivation among employees through interior design and a functional layout or to update your office space to be more sustainable and eco-friendly in the modern era – at some point, you will find yourself with an office fit out project on your hands.

If you are planning an office fit out, relocation or refurbishment, it’s expected that you will have lots of questions and queries that need to be answered before making any final decisions. We have a simple office fit out a questionnaire that you should take into consideration before starting your project:

What are your goals?

Defining your goals early on in the planning stages of your office fit out will save you time, money, and disappointment in the long-run. Do you want to change your corporate image? Attract higher-quality job applicants? Increase retention, productivity, and wellbeing? Whatever the goal, establish what you would like to achieve with this project from the get-go and avoid planning haphazardly or on the go.

Will you relocate or stay in your current space?

Before planning your office fit out, you will need to decide where you want this project to take place. Will you stay in your current office or will you move to a new one? It is at this stage that we would suggest carrying out a feasibility study. This is a short investigation into how viable a project is and what you need to do for a project to proceed.

When deciding on whether it’s better to relocate or stay put, be sure to consider the following:

  • Is your current office a little rundown or not fit for purpose?
  • Will your current landlord permit you to undertake major renovations?
  • Is your existing office compliant with legal and health and safety regulations?
  • Will moving your office benefit the company? For example, moving closer to suppliers, customers or employees.


How big is my budget?

One of the first questions you’ll ask when embarking on an office fit out project is “how much will it cost?”. There is no definitive or average figure for an office fit out as each project will be unique, defined and based on a range of variables like size, location and requirements. Therefore, the overall cost will differ from project to project.

Our fit out specialists and project management team will work closely with you during the planning stages to draw up a budget that is feasible both financially and in execution.

Contractors.Direct is the only company of it’s kind in the Middle East to offer its clients the opportunity to finance their fit out projects. You can expand your business without depleting your cash reserves by spreading the cost of up to AED 3.5 million over a period of one to three years.

If you would like a good indication of what your office fit out might cost, use our fit out cost calculator for an estimation on your project.

How long will it take?

The amount of time needed to complete your office fit out will depend on the size and complexity of your project. A timescale will be agreed upon between you and your fit out specialist before the commencement of work. Our quality contractors and project management team will ensure that your project is carried out and completed in the agreed-upon timeframe.

It is important to note that your timeframe expectation needs to be realistic and feasible. It is possible to get a quick turnaround, but this will result in an increase in costs. Having a longer timeframe will be more cost-effective and it will allow you to discuss and manage changes with your project manager.

Have I found the right fit out specialist?

Finding a capable and reliable contractor who can deliver your project on time and on budget is arguably the most crucial step when planning your office fit out. It is important that you conduct a thorough search for the perfect fit out specialist and not just choose the first company that pops up on Google.

Unfortunately, this can be a time-consuming and stressful process that involves strict vetting to ensure that the contractor you have chosen is right for your specific project. At Contractors.Direct, we understand that your time is precious and can be better spent on running your company. That’s why we do all the hard work for you.

Each contractor on our portal has been subjected to a stringent due diligence process to ensure that only the most quality fit out specialists are available to our clients. We make finding the right contractor for your project a simple, painless and hassle-free procedure.

Should I have an in-house project manager?

Realistically, you won’t be able to oversee and carry out the entire office fit out planning process yourself. Most companies prefer to nominate an in-house project manager to do this instead, like an office manager. However, it is most likely that your in-house project manager does not possess the necessary skills and knowledge to execute the role properly. This is why we recommend hiring a project manager who has a vast amount of fit out experience instead.

When using Contractors.Direct’s services, you will be provided with a Project Manager who will ensure that you are kept well-informed of the progress of your project every step of the way and that it is delivered on time and on budget.

If you have any questions or queries that aren’t on answered on this questionnaire, please feel free to contact us here and one of our fit out specialists will be happy to help.