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What is the Office Fit Out Process?

Kirsten Delcie October 21, 2020

Office fit out is not a new concept. It’s a personalized approach that businesses look for when acquiring new office space and needing that space to be fit and ready for occupancy to commence.

What is an office fit out?

Is your office ready or fit for occupancy? Because that’s mostly what a fit out is. There are hundreds of contractors who specialize in interior design and office fit out. The key to any successful fit out is finding the right contractor, planning and project management. Before you sign with anything, you need to know what the process involves and how long it will take for the result to be finalized.

What does the fit out process involve?

It’s easy to sign a lease or rent an empty office space, but it’s not so easy to get that space prepped and ready for action. The right project manager or contactor can take away the hassle so you can focus on your core business, while they deal with the planning and logistics for you. Creating a bespoke workspace involves a lot of skilled individuals. Some contractors have everyone in-house, some outsource. The fit out process will include interior designers, project managers, lots of different suppliers and some specialist contractors. All of these people need to come together to sort out everything from the municipality approvals, to the furniture. It can be a daunting prospect trying to assemble the right team for the right price. Contractors.Direct helps you do just that. All of our contractors have passed our stringent due diligence checks so you can be certain that everything will run smoothly.

How much does fit out cost?

The costs involved will vary from project to project. If you're moving into a fitted space, you might only need a few aesthetic extras or features and some furniture. If you've signed the lease on a shell & core space, your fit out will need everything from flooring to AC. It is essential that companies choose vetted and verified contractors. Set out a budget beforehand and make sure your budget caters for the fit out costs, furniture costs, installation costs and any infrastructure costs that need to be factored in. Also, bear in mind that prices and inflation change all the time, so keep a contingency budget of between 5 to 10% of the total project cost.

To find out how much your fit out will cost, take a look at our calculator here.

In collaboration with Beehive, Contractors.Direct is giving UAE companies the opportunity to invest in the growth and expansion of their business without having to deplete their cash reserves by spreading the cost of your fit out over 3 years. Find out more here.

How long will fit out take?

Some firms will promise you a furnished and fitted out office space within two months, but not deliver on that promise. Again, the timeframe will vary from project to project or region to region. A good contractor will be able to give you a clear timeline of what can be achieved and when. However, as we've all experienced recently with COVID-19, there are some things we can't predict, so transparency is key. A quality contractor will alway be honest and keep you informed of any changes to timelines so you can plan ahead and know what to expect.

Other things to consider:

Health and safety – since the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are now looking at newer ways to keep their staff and employees safe in the workplace.

Going green – studies have shown that adding some greenery, in the form of a green wall or indoor plants can have a positive effect on employees. Not only does it reduce stress and reduce the rate of illness, but it also increases productivity because of the fact that there is more oxygen in the air.

Contractors.Direct will assist you with all your fit out needs through our portal of vetted and verified contractors. All you need to do is simply search and select the right contractor for your office space, and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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